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Your specialist in the field of temping and flex work. That's Dailyflex. It's not just about finding a job; it's about your personal development too. Our working method stands for a human approach and personal attention. As we believe it should be.

What can we do for you?

Are you looking for a job? Or for employees? Then Dailyflex is the right partner for you! Equally as important as finding a job and salary, we believe that our temporary workers should enjoy their work. That's why we do not just match a person to a company; we seek a real connection. Even after the employee has started their new job, we continue to offer guidance. This way, we always help to bring out the best in people.
Expert on laws and regulations within the temporary employment sector
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Always involved with and responsible for our flex colleagues
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A personal approach based on genuine interest
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Investing in people to bring out the best in them
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Our latest vacancies

Temporary vacancies

Employee internal transport plant nursery

40 hours a week
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Temporary vacancies

Production worker Bakery

15-20 hours a week
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Temporary vacancies

Employee Pollination Ornamental Horticulture

38 hours a week
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Want to stay informed about the latest job vacancies?

Want to stay informed about the latest job vacancies?

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Temporary employment vacancies

Many companies in and beyond the Westland area use Dailyflex for hiring temporary personnel. Are you looking for a flex job that is right up your alley?
Then be sure to take a look at our job vacancies!
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Recruitment & selection

Recruitment and selection means that companies engage Dailyflex to find permanent staff for them. This way, we can help you find a permanent job. We will guide you through the process, so you are fully prepared to start your new position.
Take a look at our job vacancies below!
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HR advice & support

Professional and personal HR advice can bring many benefits to your business. For instance, are you, as an entrepreneur, spending (too) much time on personnel matters? Is there a high turnover within the organisation? Are you experiencing issues with an employee or wondering how to help your employees with their personal development? Dailyflex is here to assist you. We are happy to support you with these and other HR-related challenges.
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Self-employed mediation

Dailyflex self-employed mediation is your partner in self-employment. We help you connect with clients who can benefit from your expertise. Dailyflex is an experienced intermediary that understands that you, as a self-employed professional, have a unique place in the job market. Do you want to discover how Dailyflex self-employed mediation can help you achieve your business goals as a self-employed professional? Contact us today!
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The Dutch language is important for everyone!

Did you know that over 2.5 million people in the Netherlands do not have sufficient command of the language to work effectively and safely? And this does not even include the group of migrant workers.

A good command of the Dutch language is important for everyone. Our Flex Colleagues increase their chances in the labour market through this. Besides the chance for a better future, we find it incredibly important that our Flex Colleagues can do their work safely.

In collaboration with the Doorzaam Foundation, we offer free Dutch language courses to our Flex Colleagues.

If you want to know more about the possibilities for you, please contact us at ☎ 0174 - 287273 and ask for Anna. She will be happy to assist you.

Sustainable employability – it’s a collective effort!

What is Sustainable Employability and why is it important?
Sustainable employability is about every worker reaching retirement age healthily and happily in the right place. Besides vitality and physical or mental health, it is also about continuing to develop competencies, skills and knowledge. The (work) environment where this happens can contribute to a positive stimulus and ensure a safe place to work. In today's world, staying in the same job for the rest of your working life is no longer self-evident.

But why should you, as an entrepreneur, focus on the sustainable employability of flex workers?
More job satisfaction and a pleasant working environment results in less employee turnover. Additionally, when employees are physically and mentally healthy, there is less absenteeism. This can lead to cost savings. However, cost savings are not the only reason to actively improve sustainable employability. Engaged (flex) employees often deliver higher labour productivity, and when they develop themselves further, they can become even more beneficial to you as an employer/client.

Benefits for you
> Flex employees can be deployed in several areas of your business
> Focusing on the development of flex employees increases their engagement with the company
> Active engagement in the development of flex workers provides more insight into their potential
> Dailyflex is your strategic HR partner in this regard

Sustainable employability – it’s a collective effort
Working on the sustainable employability of flex workers requires everyone to be involved: the flex worker, the intermediary and you as the client. Together, we invest in Lifelong Development!

Do you want to know what we can do for your company?
Contact Jolanda van Velden at 0174 - 28 72 73
for practical insights into what you can do within your company to promote the sustainable employability of flex workers.