Construction cleaner

40 hours a week
€12.56 - €15.72


Order processing / packaging employee

40 hours a week
€2200.00 - €2400.00


Maintenance employee

38 hours a week
€12.12 - €

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Working at Dailyflex

What we do for you?

Dailyflex is an expert in the field of temporary work and flexible work. Our strengths are our personal way of working and our practical way of thinking and acting in order to find the perfect job for you. We mainly focus on the greenhouse horticultural and floricultural industries, as well as the wholesale trade in flowers and plants.

Our guiding principle: a deal is a deal!

Working at Dailyflex

The 6 Dailyflex assurances:

  • We are experts in the field of legislation and regulations in the temporary employment industry, which limits the risks for our clients.
  • We are committed and feel responsible for our temporary workers.
  • We make sure that our workers are present at their place of work on time.
  • We arrange for well instructed temporary workers.
  • We have a sincere interest in our client, its culture, activities and specific job requirements.
  • We know all our temporary workers personally and know exactly what their qualities are, but also recognise their weaker points.

What do we do?

Anyone can link a person to a job. Making sure that both the flex worker and the recipient are satisfied and that maximum return is achieved, requires a professional.

Dailyflex is more than staffing! At all times, Dailyflex's guiding principle is a personal approach focussing on quality and service.

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What drives us?

Dailyflex’s mission is to empower people every day by means of sustainable employability and personal attention and to link this to the personnel issues of companies in the broadest sense of the word.

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Who are we?

Anyone can link a person to a job. Making sure that both the flex worker and the recipient are satisfied and that maximum return is achieved, requires a professional.

Team Dailyflex

Every day, we link candidates to jobs, provide clients with reliable advice and take care of our clients' payroll administration down to the last detail.


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