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Professional and personal HR advice can bring many benefits to your business. For instance, are you, as an entrepreneur, spending (too) much time on personnel matters? Is there a high turnover within the organisation that you would like to prevent? Are you facing issues with an employee and finding it challenging to deal with? Or are you wondering how to help your employees with their personal development? Dailyflex is here to assist you. We are happy to support you with these and other HR-related challenges.
Allow me to introduce myself
Personal attention is an important value in our HR services. That is why it is also nice for you to know in advance who will soon be sitting opposite you. My name is Jolanda, HR People Manager at Dailyflex. As a true Westlander, I grew up amidst and in the greenhouses. This background, combined with my training in Human Resource Management and my drive to help clients progress, formed the basis of Dailyflex's HR services.
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HR support from Dailyflex entails a listening ear, personal advice, and clear communication. Are you interested in professional advice? Then don't hesitate and request a no-obligation introductory meeting. Over a nice cup of coffee or tea, we will discuss how we can be of service to you. If the feeling is right and you see potential for further collaboration, then we will move forward and draw up a plan of action together.
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