Self-employed mediation

Dailyflex self-employed mediation is your partner in self-employment. Do you want to connect with clients who can benefit from your expertise? We are here to assist you. Dailyflex is an experienced intermediary that understands that you, as a self-employed professional, have a unique place in the job market. Our aim is to support and grow your career. We also bring convenience and security to your professional life.

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Why opt for Dailyflex self-employed mediation?

Access to a broad client network
With Dailyflex self-employed mediation, you benefit from our extensive client network, encompassing clients in various sectors. This opens doors to new and interesting professional opportunities.

Saving on billable hours
Acquisition, administration, and account receivables management can be tedious tasks. Dailyflex takes these off your plate, allowing you to focus on what you do best: practising your profession. This way, it does not come at the expense of your precious billable hours.

Reduced risk of downtime
Thanks to Dailyflex self-employed mediation, you no longer need to worry about loss of income and associated costs. We ensure a stable flow of assignments, minimising the risk of downtime. This allows you to concentrate fully on your work without any worries.
More variety and choice of assignments
With Dailyflex self-employed mediation, you gain access to a wide range of assignments. This helps you, as a self-employed professional, gain experience in various projects and sectors. As a result, you develop in different areas, making your career more diverse.
Limitation of the risk of uncollectible invoices
Looking to limit the risk of financial setbacks due to uncollectible invoices? Dailyflex self-employed mediation is there for you in this respect too. We take care of your accounts receivable management, reducing your risk.

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