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Each day, we recruit and coach candidates in their search for a suitable job. We provide clients with reliable advice and great flex workers. More than anyone, we know that employees are at the heart of the company. Meet the people behind Dailyflex!


Empowering people, that's what Dailyflex excels at. Of course, this also applies to our own team. All Dailyflex employees have their own qualities and specialties. By engaging everyone's strengths in the right way and bringing them together, a team is created that gets the best out of itself each day.

Ronald Saarloos

Founder and owner

Ronald may be at the helm, but his management style is very open and accessible. A real people person. Even after more than twenty-five years, Ronald still hasn't grown tired of the industry. He knows all Dailyflex clients personally and you may call him a true specialist in flex work. He likes structure and manageable processes. His new challenge is marketing and communication: "Dailyflex is entering the next phase in which we not only want to achieve greater brand awareness, but also strengthen the brand".

Henriƫtte van Santen

Branch manager

In 2017, Henriëtte started as a back office employee. Two years later, as Branch manager, she is responsible for day-to-day operations at Dailyflex. She loves to explore every day how things can be different, better, smarter and more fun, how we distinguish ourselves in the market and how we work from our own strength. In addition, she is an expert in the field of temporary work and flexible work. Her goal within the organisation is to grow together.

Ferry van Tienen

Sales manager

As Sales Manager, Ferry has been the contact person for our clients since 1 March 2019. Together with clients, both new and existing, he likes to look at staffing issues and scout for an appropriate approach. His goal is to achieve healthy growth, offer clients more than they expect and, with that, make our clients and Dailyflex great.

Anna Walusz


With many years of experience at Dailyflex, Anna is the tower of strength. She is very committed to her work and has a great sense of responsibility. Anna is the administrative linchpin in the team of intermediaries. Anna focuses on personal contact, both between the team members at the office and with our candidates and clients. "This will create a pleasant and lasting cooperation!"

Robert Boon

Commercial Consultant

Robert is our newest addition, and he is definitely an asset! Since January 1, 2021, his enthusiasm has spread to the entire team. After traveling through Asia and Australia for a number of years and working a lot for temporary employment agencies over there, he was sure: "This is what I want, intermediary is my future!" Eager to learn, driven and full of energy, he is in contact with our flex workers and customers. He looks for the best solution for customer inquiries and is a real coach for our flex workers. Robert is only satisfied when everything has been arranged. "Win-win-win" is his motto.

Mariƫlle van der Knaap

Employee financial administration

Mariëlle has been a ‘Dailyflexer’ through and through for almost 10 years. "You have to be pretty flexible at Dailyflex, the day usually goes a lot different than you planned." Multidisciplinary is the term that suits Mariëlle. She is punctual in taking care of the finances and bookkeeping. In addition, she can answer any question about the various collective labour agreements and pensions. Mariëlle is a social person and is always interested in others.

Jolanda van Velden

Employee payroll administration

Since May 2018, Jolanda has been responsible for the weekly remuneration process of our flex workers. Her core competences are efficiency and accuracy. This not only ensures a smooth and error-free processing of all the hours worked, but it is also reflected in her other work. Temporary workers who do long-term temporary work are coached by Jolanda. Her mission is sustainable employability: "Through personal attention and retraining and skills upgrading, flex workers feel more involved in the 'club' and may be deployed more widely and sustainably."

Joyce Boers

PR and Marketing

Thanks to Joyce, Dailyflex has an optimal relationship with its clients and internal and external communication are running smoothly. She devises playful client campaigns and put together the Dailyflex newsletter. In a clear and businesslike manner.

Grzegorz Swat

Driver flex workers

All the flex workers safely and on time at work, that's what Grzegorz stands for. With his great sense of responsibility, Grzegorz has been a reliable driver and pleasant colleague for years. For flex workers, Grzegorz offers a sympathetic ear, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon when he takes everyone home safely.

Wojciech Pytel

Driver flex workers

Getting up early is no problem at all for Wojciech. "Our clients start early in the morning, sometimes as early as 5 am, so the flex workers just have to be there at that time." You can leave this in the competent hands of Wojciech, because, as a driver of flex workers, he drives many kilometres every day and makes sure that everyone is present at the start time. After working hours, Wojciech picks up the flex workers and he always has time for a friendly chat. “How was your day today?”

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