What do we do?

At Dailyflex, we provide our clients with the best suitable flex workers on a structural or ad hoc basis. Motivated and enthusiastic candidates we know personally. Who do not just meet the job requirements, but actually fit within the company culture. We guide them where necessary and feel responsible for our temporary workers. Because if employees are settled in their job, they ensure maximum productivity. That's another Dailyflex assurance!

It goes without saying for us to immerse ourselves in our client's company. We look into the company culture and contribute ideas about the operating process. We go even further; when placing a suitable candidate, we guide them at the start on the work place. We are only satisfied when everything is clear and the flex worker has settled in. Just like you.

The 6 Dailyflex assurances:

van Santen

What drives us?

Developments and changes in the labour market follow each other in very fast succession, which is often a huge struggle for companies, but also for employees. Dailyflex’s mission is to empower people every day by means of sustainable employability and personal attention and to link this to the personnel issues of companies in the broadest sense of the word.

Dailyflex believes in the value and strength of its employees. Our organisation and our employees match up and reinforce each other. This way, we can map out our clients' personnel issues with personal attention and solve these issues with a tailor-made approach. Through optimal cooperation in the triangle of temporary employment agency, flex worker and client, we continuously strive for a win-win situation for all the parties.

Getting the best out of ourselves and others each day and contributing to something bigger than ourselves: ensuring the perfect match. Being able to contribute is what drives us!




NBBU is the key trade organisation of professional intermediaries on the labour market. It represents the interests of more than 1,200 broad service providers in the flex industry: temporary employment agencies, payroll companies, intermediaries for self-employed persons and other intermediaries in the flexible labour market.


VRO develops standards and schedules, provides training and workshops and inspects and certifies. This is done for various industries, such as the temporary employment industry, construction, transport, logistics, technology, cleaning, and the meat and poultry industry. In cooperation with trade organisations, VRO regularly develops new standards and schedules.

Het SNA-keurmerk

The SNA quality mark is the quality label for the temporary employment industry and has been developed to limit the risks of recipients of labour and principals of work. Secondment and payroll companies also fall within the scope of the quality mark because they also provide labour. The labour obligations of companies with the SNA quality mark are inspected regularly, reducing the risk for the recipient and outsourcer of work.


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